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Gonzalo Bueno, Mauricio Lobeira and Victoria Rubíes are partners and founders of Treceavo Plano and Ten Plus Three.  Internationally recognized in fine design publications of interiors around the world, the firm and the principals enjoy a reputation for elegant design, and sound business practices for their residential and commercial clients. 

Gonzalo Bueno studied Architecture in the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.  Bueno is in charge of the Ten Plus Three office in Dallas, Texas.   Known for a depth and diverse knowledge of fine design,  Gonzalo Bueno's award-winning work has been widely published.   His work for the firm is currently featured in Modern Luxury  magazine, and his own home is now featured in the current issue of D Home.   Bueno is often quoted for his thoughts on fine design, and brings an international focus from his base in the Dallas office.  

Mauricio Lobeira studied architecture in the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.  He has a master degree in Visual Arts from the University of Harvard.  Lobeira is the chief designer of residential projects for Treceavo Plano in Mexico.  Respected internationally,  he is known  for a diverse and timeless elegance,  merged with classic and modern sensibilities.  With many design awards,  his comfortable manner and sophisticated and enjoyable creative process have resulted in a highly loyal client base.  

Victoria Rubíes studied Interior Design in Arte, A.C.  She is a significant creative force for Treceavo Plano with a focus on the area of general interior design.  Rubies is known widely for both residential and commercial design projects, including fine hotels, clubs and restaurants around the world.  Published widely, and with many design awards, Rubies' work has gained prominence with each project.  Her stunning work for the new restaurant _____GALLO 71__________ in Monterrey, Mexico is currently receiving international acclaim.     

Gonzalo Bueno, Mauricio Lobeira and Victoria Rubies consider collaboration as a key element in the success obtained by the company.  Sharing ideas and efforts, as well as a vision for quality and harmony in the work,  have fortified the team and defined the course of the firm.   With their deep understanding of design, and organized business practices,  the Treceavo Plano and Ten Plus Three have become known as sound and inspired custodians of client resources throughout the creative process, and throughout the world.



In design, the principles which guide us are derived from our collective desire to reinvent.  We  aspire to exceed the expectations of our clients, and  our work  will also always be our pleasure and passion.  And through the creative process, we seek to amaze each client with an inspired and functional aesthetic.   In the end, a  well-thought-out space which celebrates the client's taste, raises their quality of life,  and broadens their imagination for beauty and harmony represents success to us.

Usually our clients desire an ideal environment in accordance with their personality.  We understand this intimately, and we take each project very seriously.  But we also ensure that the process is an enjoyable one.  Through our finely crafted professional  approach, we embrace the entire process for the client through defined forms,  and an organization of details to create a unique atmosphere all its own.  

Our design work is distinguished by a daring combination of dissimilar elements in materials, structures, styles and objects.   The end result is always an original and seductive mixture.  We are not designers known for repetition in our work.

This eclectic combination of natural, solid and attractive adjustment will always be a great source of pride for the principals of our firm.  You see, we enjoy the process, and we want to make sure it shows in everything we design. 

To achieve this distinction,  we include high quality materials of natural origin which maintain a touch of elegance. Each chosen object for interior decoration has a reason for being, whether it is a representation of a relic,  or a sample of modern sophistication. This is precisely why art pieces cannot be absent.  Each piece is carefully chosen,  and are individually discovered through  distinguished firms of contemporary art from around the world.    

We have very deep resources in the selection of authentic pieces at all levels of our work.  Although our designs tend to be sheathed in earth colors....clear, golden, red and reality color has no limit.  There are only tones which give warmth, strength and comfort to the client....and all those who pass through the spaces we design.  

Whether the task is a residential project, a commercial project, or an event,  we strive for the transformation of space in accordance with the characteristics of the environment.   Our experience and passion characterize us, and we will always work to deliver a thrilling creative journey for each client.  



Treceavo Plano is a company which offers informed and inspired interior design services worldwide.  Founded and established in 1994 in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México,  in 2005 we opened Ten Plus Three, an office in Dallas, Texas.   Through this approach, we take extensive pride in our ability to reach a higher number of international clients who work with us on an ongoing basis.

From both office, a team composed of designers enable us to deliver a highly organized and permanent coordination of creative efforts.  Through this process, we are uniquely able to obtain the best results in quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Over many years, we have proudly earned our reputation as a distinguished and prestigious firm, one inspired project at a time.  Each is unique, and each receives our undivided attention.    We work passionately through the last corner of a space, and we take much delight in our reputation among clients for sound business practices as well.  In addition to creative passion, we are also known to respect the time and goals of our clients.  For each client, we insist on delivering inspired spaces while honoring the effective use of their resources.  

Through our time-honored approach to the design process, we are so pleased to call most of our clients lifelong friends as well.   With Treceavo Plano and Ten Plus Three,  we will ensure that the road to achieving your design dreams will always be as enjoyable as the destination.  




Gonzalo Bueno
Partner/Co-Principal Designer
Mauricio Lobeira
Partner/Co-Principal Designer
Victoria RubĂ­es